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Capital Project Delivery Optimization

Delivering capital projects can be complicated with many different players and groups involved on the project team as well as the owner group. As projects become larger the complexities grow and successful delivery can be difficult. Sometimes focus can get lost and ultimately the owner pays with budget over-runs, schedule delays or failure to meet scope or quality.


The Essentials Group can help project teams improve team alignment, delivery processes and organization for overall project delivery success. The focus also includes helping owner groups to understand their role and actively participate in the capital delivery process as vital members of the project delivery process.  The Essentials Group believes that ultimately project success must result in delivering a safe facility that has been proven to meet the owner’s requirements and is sustainable.  Key areas we can help teams with include,

  • Project Team Organization 

  • User Requirements Definition

  • Commissioning & Qualification 

  • Construction Quality Assurance

  • Project Information Management

  • Maintenance Package Development

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