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How we Work

Listening: Identifying the need!

There are a number of ways to address issues but it all begins with listening. Steven Covey established in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to – “Seek first to understand”. This is where we begin with every client. We want to ask questions, gather data and understand the client’s situation, needs and issues so we can provide meaningful help. We need to define the problem or challenges.


Process Mapping: Understanding the current situation.

Developing a clear map of how the business processes function helps provide focus and understanding. We will work with clients to define their business processes if they are not already well defined or understood. Process Mapping often identifies immediate opportunities for improvement and can lead to “quick wins”. The primary purpose though is to have a clear understanding of how the business functions.



Solution Creation: Explore solutions to address needs

Solutions can vary from organizational changes, to staff training, to development of processes, tools and methods as well as people to assure success. We will help the client identify the essential approach needed and implement the solutions.


Coaching and Follow-up: Provide feedback and continual support

We can provide on-going coaching and feedback for Business Leaders, Project Managers, C&Q Leaders, and others to help them work through project issues or optimize team performance. In this role we offer to be an ongoing source of coaching and consulting.


If we can’t help, we won’t waste your time, but we will try to find you the right people who can provide the right skills and knowledge.  Ultimately we want you to be successful!

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