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Leadership Development

A number of years ago Bruce Beck was asked to create a Commissioning and Qualification program for Eli Lilly and Company. This group had responsibility for leading and overseeing C&Q efforts on major capital projects for Lilly throughout the world. They were also to be a “center of excellence” for Lilly on the topic of Commissioning and Qualification for the corporation. As this team rolled out C&Q methods and practices throughout the world it became evident that expertise and knowledge were not enough for successful C&Q implementation.


It became clear that leadership abilities were crucial for this team to be effective at leading, influencing, coaching and driving C&Q execution. As a consequence, Bruce and his team developed a Leadership Model, which was successfully used to develop and coach members to be successful leaders.


This “Leadership Model” and Bruce’s experiences with using it have been put into a book called, "Essentials of Leadership" (  The book describes essentials for successful leadership that were used by members of his team to lead groups across the world. These principles are applicable to anyone endeavoring to lead teams or organizations and represents years of learning and experience.

To help your team develop their leadership abilities we are available for,


  • Coaching organizational leaders for success

  • Assessing current leadership culture in organization

  • Individual coaching of staff for leadership success

  • Workshops on applying the Leadership Model

  • Seminars and Conferences

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